Computer-Assisted Motivational Interviewing (CAMI): Preventing Repeat Births Among Adolescent Mothers
Investigators: Beth Barnet, Jiexin Liu, Margo DeVoe, Anne K. Duggan, Melanie A. Gold, & Edward Pecukonis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010, more than 360,000 infants were born to women aged 15 to 19 years in the United States. Nearly one-quarter of adolescent mothers give birth to another child within two years, despite national efforts to increase timing between births. Adolescent mothers who give birth to more than one child may be at high risk for experiencing poorer medical, educational, economic, and developmental outcomes.

The purpose of the Computer-Assisted Motivational Interviewing (CAMI) is to increase motivation among adolescent mothers to consistently use condoms and contraception with the long-term goal of reducing rapid repeat births. CAMI consists of at least two 60-minute sessions conducted in two-parts by trained counselors who meet one-on-one with pregnant and/or parenting adolescent mothers, ages 12 through 18 years old. During the first part of each session, participants use the computer-based CAMI Program to answer questions about current sexual relationships and contraceptive use intentions and behaviors. Based on the responses generated, CAMI counselors conduct a stage-matched motivational interviewing session to enhance participants' motivation to consistently use condoms and contraception in order to reduce the risk for a repeat pregnancy.

An evaluation of CAMI has demonstrated that receiving two or more CAMI sessions, either alone or within a multi-component home-based intervention, reduced the risk of repeat births among adolescent mothers aged 18 years and younger. View more detailed information on this program.

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