Know the Risks/Sexual Health Over 50
Investigators: Diana Dull Akers & Tamara Kuhn

With funding from the National Institute of Aging, Sociometrics has developed Know the Risks/Sexual Health Over 50 (KTR/50), a computer-based sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention education application targeting adults aged 50 and older. KTR/50 was designed to help support four HIV prevention goals:

  • To provide age-sensitive, age-targeted HIV/AIDS and sexual health education information to older adults, a population often considered a 'hidden population' in the HIV/AIDS epidemic;
  • To encourage and empower older adults to take a pro-active interest in learning about HIV/AIDS prevention and other sexual health topics;
  • To support and facilitate greater discussion of these topics between health and social service providers and the patients/clients they serve;
  • To disseminate health education content that supports the goal of routine HIV/AIDS risk screening and testing among older adults.

KTR/50 is a stand-alone, client-directed application available in both DVD and download formats. It was designed for use in a variety of settings serving adults over 50, including clinic settings (e.g., doctor's offices, hospitals, community based clinics, and HIV/AIDS testing centers) as well as community-based settings that have fruitful opportunities for offering health education resources to older adult clients (e.g., senior centers, community centers, adult residential life communities, etc.) Libraries and other organizations and programs offering health education content may also find this application of value to the clients they serve.

Feature 1: KTR/50 Risk SurveyKTR Main Interface
KTR/50 offers older adults a voluntary, confidential HIV risk screening survey. The 12-question survey includes 3 demographic questions and 9 HIV risk behavior questions. It should take three to five minutes to complete. The audio-enhanced computer-assisted-survey-interface (CASI) design ensures the survey is simple for those with minimal computer skills. The survey progresses automatically after each answer is selected. Audio options are offered. The KTR/50 introductory tutorial includes support for beginning computer users who may need to brush up on basic navigational instructions prior to taking the survey.

Custom Risk Profile
After completing the survey, users see a printable one-page Custom Risk Profile on the screen. They have the option to print the profile to take with them or simply view the profile and then exit the program or continue on to the Learning Center. The profile includes a 0-9 risk scoring system with simple scoring feedback, plus a list of recommended Learning Center activities based on their survey answers.

Feature 2: Know the Risks/Sexual Health Over 50 Learning CenterSurvey Interface
The multimedia Learning Center offers users 13 interactive sexual health and HIV prevention activities specifically designed for adults over 50. Activities range in length from 1-15 minutes (length of activities depends on user pacing and, in many activities, how many topics/features users opt to view). Activities aimed at both general audiences and special focus populations are offered in engaging multimedia formats (videos, games, select-a-topic activities, etc.). All activities are designed with audio narration and have been carefully developed using standards of design for older adults.


Know the Risks/Sexual Health Over 50 Download Version
Includes software and printable materials (KTR50 brochures, signs, and Users Guide). Note that the file size is 1.2 GB and will require 1-3 hours to download with high speed internet access.
Price: $50.00
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Know the Risks/Sexual Health Over 50 DVD
A single DVD containing the installation software for both the KTR/50 program and printable supplemental materials. Shipped with Users Guide.
Price: $75.00
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