HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Archive Adaptation Workbook
Authors: Shayna D. Cunningham, Ph.D., Julie Solomon, Ph.D., Josefina J. Card, Ph.D.

Adaptation is the process of altering a program to reduce discrepancies between its characteristics and those of the new context in which it is to be used. To do so, however, requires careful planning and execution since it is possible to make changes that enhance an intervention's cultural appropriateness, local acceptance, and feasibility, while undermining its effectiveness in changing risk behaviors. The HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Archive Adaptation Workbook details a set of pragmatic, science-based steps for practitioners to follow in making changes to a program, while preserving the components that made, or are believed to have made, it effective in the first place. This workbook may be used with any behavioral risk reduction intervention that has previously shown positive outcomes or otherwise demonstrated promise of effectiveness. Though its examples are drawn from the HIV prevention and care field, its principles and methods are extendable to the adaptation of other effective health promotion and disease prevention interventions, such as those in the teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, and obesity areas.

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