The Brookline Early Education Project
A Comprehensive Birth-to-Kindergarten Program for Children and Their Parents

Donald E. Pierson, PhD, Robert I. Sperber, Martha B. Bronson, EdD & Mary-Jane Yurchak, EdD

Program Summary
The Brookline Early Education Project (BEEP) is a comprehensive birth-to-kindergarten program that combines child education and health monitoring services with parent education and support. BEEP utilizes a family-oriented approach designed to reduce learning and adjustment difficulties in school. BEEP consists of three components: 1) Parent Education and Support Program, 2) Child Education Program, and 3) Health and Development Monitoring. The Parent Education and Support Program provides home visits to families, parent discussion groups, a book and toy lending library, and social events. The Child Education Program consists of weekly playgroup sessions and daily prekindergarten classes. Finally, the Health and Development Monitoring program provides nine health and developmental screening exams for children beginning from two weeks of age through age 5.

Evaluations of the BEEP program demonstrated higher school functioning in kindergarten and the second grade compared to age-matched peers. At early adulthood, benefits for BEEP participants compared to peers included higher educational attainment, higher income, and more positive health indicators.
Target Population
General population

Evaluation Summary
The educational advantages found for BEEP participants in the early years of schooling included executive skills such as planning, organizing, and completing school-related tasks. BEEP participants at kindergarten were more likely than peers to have higher ratings of pro-social skill and use of time. At the second grade follow up, BEEP participants showed significantly positive differences in social skills, classroom learning behaviors (mastery), and reading readiness compared to peers. Parents of BEEP children were also more likely to contact teachers regarding their child's school progress at second grade compared to peers, suggesting possible higher parental involvement. At the young adult follow-up, BEEP participants showed advantages over their peers in educational attainment, income, health, and well being, highlighting the long-term benefits of the BEEP program.

Staffing Requirement/Training
BEEP consists of three components, with different staffing requirements for each component:
1) Parent Education and Support Program
a. Home Visitors
b. Nurse
c. Social worker

2) Child Education Program
a. Two teachers per classroom
b. One assistant teacher per classroom

3) Health and Development Monitoring
a. Pediatrician
b. Developmental psychologist
c. Nurse
d. Social worker

Infant and/or Child Developmental Outcomes
Social emotional
Program Core Components
Early childhood education
Health and development monitoring
Home visits
Parent education and support
Curriculum Used
Home visiting

Public elementary school
Medical clinic

Direct Participants
Child and parent together

Child's Age at Program Start
Birth to 12 months

Approximately 5 years (Program ends upon child's entry into kindergarten.)

The Program Package includes:

  • Brookline Early Education Project Manual. Provides a general understanding of the main components of BEEP, how the program has demonstrated positive impacts on child developmental outcomes, and knowledge of resources to assist in program implementation.
  • Early Education in the Public Schools: Lessons from a Comprehensive Birth-to-Kindergarten Program. Written by the original program evaluators, this book provides in-depth information about BEEP.
  • Infant-Toddler Curriculum of the Brookline Early Education Project. Home visiting curriculum that is relevant for families with children between 0 to 2 years of age and is part of BEEP's Parent Education and Support Program.
  • Evaluation Measures CD-ROM. Contains samples of assessment measures used in the original program implementation and evaluation of BEEP.
  • Early Intervention Evidence-Based Practice Resource Guide. This USB drive features an interactive, easy-to-use tool that consists of practical tips and resources designed to assist professionals and organizations to select, adopt, and implement early intervention evidence-based practices to successfully promote child development and well-being.
  • Telephone technical support on implementation for 1 year
  • .

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