National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, Waves I, II, III, and IV, 1994-1996, 2000-2002, 2007-2008 (Add Health)
Investigators: Kathleen Mullan Harris, Director, Add Health Wave IV, Carolina Population Center, UNC at Chapel Hill

This special merged version of Addhealth I-IV has been produced using Sociometrics' Add Health data files from the American Family Data Archive (Add Health Waves I and II, 1994-1996) and the Data Archive on Adolescent Pregnancy and Pregnancy Prevention (Add Health Wave III, 2000-2001 and Add Health Wave IV, 2007-2008). The Main Respondent Files from all three waves have been merged into a single analysis file, available in SPSS portable and SAS transport format. Additional data files, codebooks, and documentation from each wave are also included with the dataset files. Three Users Guides are provided for this study. Study information for Waves I and II is described in the file fam98a3.pdf. Study information for Wave III is described in the file dapq1q9.pdf. Study information for Wave IV is described in the file dapt2t8.pdf. This dataset does not include raw data or SPSS and SAS syntax programs.

Ordering information for Add Health Waves I and II, Add Health Wave III, and Add Health Wave IV may be obtained at:

Please Note: Before the Add Health data set can be shipped, we must have a signed copy of the Use Agreement (fax copy is OK) in our office. The original is to be kept by the ordering institution or individual, and EVERY person who accesses the data set must read and sign the agreement. There is no need to send us additional copies of the agreement as new users add their signatures. However, the Carolina Population Center reserves the right to audit the Use Agreement Form. To expedite your shipment, it is helpful to download the Use Agreement, and fax it back to Sociometrics at (650) 949-3299. Due to the necessity of the Use Agreement, this data set is not available for download.

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